See what all the hype is about.

We've had the privelege to work with some really awesome clients. Here's what they had to say:


Forte labs

Nick coordinated, planned, and led a staff retreat for the Forte Labs team. His thought and care guaranteed the success of the staff retreat. I felt seen, understood, and cared for in a way that allowed my deepest concerns, hopes, and dreams to surface. I saw each of my team members go through a similar process over the weekend, and feel even more connected to them. It's clear that we have a shared understanding of our vision, mission, and roles that is not only far more explicit and clear than it was before the retreat, but also far more ambitious and impactful. In that way, Nick can take credit in advance for the success we will have as a company over the next few years. His talents are unique and invaluable, and I can't recommend working with him highly enough.

-Michael Fogleman, Praxis Community Manager at Forte Labs