Your power is a function of velocity, that is to say, your power is a function of the rate at which you translate intention into reality.

-Werner Erhard



Lvl Up was founded by Nick Collins in an effort to pursue his passion for helping others find success in their personal and professional lives. It's name is an homage to Nick's lifelong passion for gaming. Nick has extensive experience coaching entrepreneurs and small business owners alike and has become exceptionally skilled at helping people reach and exceed their goals.



Nick Collins lived in Tajikistan for two years before returning to the US and leading operations for the FeelGood youth movement. Through his development as Operations Director, Nick discovered his unique ability to uncover. When it comes to iterating on ideas, systems thinking, and strategic planning, Nick is a keen observer of context and has an uncanny ability to read between the lines. His empathetic listening and loving honesty make him an extraordinarily effective coach.